without boating license !

No boating license needed

According to Dutch law, a navigating licence is required only for boats longer than 15 m or faster than 20 km/h. This applies to none of our craft. With only a little practise, you will be able to control your boat quite easily.

We always provide a clear and detailed tutorial before you leave port. For certain boats, we expect you to have boating experience (whether this applies to your boat can be found on the page of the boat type).

Skipper Training

To start your holiday afloat relaxed and with the important knowledge at hand, we advise unexperienced guests to order a 2- or 3-hours skipper training, as well. If you decide not to book the skipper training, then we expect you to take the time to practise the most important maneouvres with your crew. The employees of Centerpoint Charters will be glad to help you if needed, you may ask for a short and free of charge tutorial.

Rent a boat in Friesland without boating license

You can also rent a larger motor yacht without a boating license. Merely for our biggest boats, the Ilse, Fantasy, Jive, Jazz, Rhapsody, Maestro, Tango and Aqua Cosmos, a certain amount of boating experience is indispensable. To hire those big boats without any boating experience you will have to follow a 1,5 day-instruction at a specialized boating school nearby Sneek. You can find more information and prices on their website www.ssh-boating.com.

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland