Holiday on a motorboat

in beautiful Friesland

Rent a boat in Friesland

Whether you would like to rent a boat for a day trip or for a boating holiday in Friesland of a weekend, midweek, week or even several weeks, you are always at the right spot with Centerpoint Charters. Why renting a boat anyway? Mhm....because boating is fun, relaxed, a little bit adventurous and because Friesland with its beautiful nature and nice places at the waterfront is certainly worth visiting. To the right you will find four good arguments for boating in Friesland - click and learn more.

Motorboat, motor yacht or sloop


At Centerpoint Charters you will find comfy motorboats and luxurious motor yachts for a boating holiday in Friesland and Overijssel. With the family or with friends, roaming across the Frisian waters, your mobile accommodation always closeby and equipped with everything you need for a relaxed stay - we are sure you will find a fitting boat within our fleet.

If you intend to "just" cruise for a day, we offer elegant motor sloops - an open motorboat to fully enjoy of the nature and the beautiful weather, easy to maneouvre and with enough space for 6-8 persons.

Infinite boating through varied Friesland

Renting a motorboat in Friesland offers many (cruising) possibilites. Discover the centre of Sneek with its ornamental gables and inviting terraces, cruise the Frisian lakes, visit nice places like Grou and Heeg, follow the "Eleven Town route" or traverse Friesland to get to Overijssel and see e.g. Giethoorn.

You have lots of time and can moore wherever you like. Read more about the magnificent surroundings...

No boating license needed

The most beautiful part of it: to rent a motorboat you do not need a boating license. Before leaving the marina, one of our qualified employees will provide you with a tutorial and a little test run on the boat of your choice! For a few of our motor yachts a certain amount of practical boating experience is indispensable.

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Why Centerpoint
  • Situated perfectly in the heart of Friesland
  • No boating license needed
  • Large fleet with plenty of choice
  • Only 25 % initial payment
  • Personal advice if desired
  • Free WIFI at home port

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland