The small Peat Tour

short & strong

The small Peat Tour

105 km, approx. 17 hours = 3-4 days

Perfect route for a couple of calm boating days. No lakes or large waters, peaceful tugging along the channel, meet a bridge of lock every now an then. Some of the lock have to be serviced by the watersporters themselves. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and wind down.

This route is open every year from 15th May till 15th September.
Working hours bridges: MO-SA 9.30 till 16 hrs non-stop. Only in July/August the bridges/locks are also serviced on Sundays.

Clearance lowest bridge on this route: 3.40 m 

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Description Small Peat Route

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home port Centerpoint Charters

SNEEK - Houkesloot - Sneekermeer - Zandsloot - Geeuw - Het Deel - HEERENVEEN - Engelenvaart - Tjongerkanal - MILDAM - Tjongerkanaal - Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart - DONKERBROEK

DONKERBROEK - Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart - GORREDIJK

GORREDIJK - Nieuwe Vaart - Nieue Diep - ALDEBOARN - Boorne - NES - AKKRUM

AKKRUM - Meinesloot - Geeuw - Terkaplester Poelen - Goingarijpster Poelen - Sneekermeer - Houkesloot- home port Centerpoint Charters

If, after having visited the museum in Gorredijk, you would like to see how people really lived in the early days, plan a little stop at the ‘Sûdergemaal’ (near Uilesprong). A short walk of about 2 km will bring you to the village of Nij Beets. In the open air museum ‘It Damshûs’, you will be able to visit originally furnished peat-cutter houses dated 1880



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