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Friesland is unique in many ways. With regard to surface area, it is number four among the Dutch provinces. In some of its towns and villages time seems to have stopped: Historical buildings, small brick houses with ornamental gables and channels wherever you turn your eyes.

Aquatics enthousiasts consider this beautiful province THE paradise of aquatic sports. In view of the fine mesh of its waterways and lakes (totalling a shorelength of more than 400 miles), this is no surprise.

The Frisian countryside is equally varied: Vast green pastures up north - water, woods, meadows in the south-west corner - and in the south-east moorlands mostly, with the very specific fauna and flora of the heath. While idling along canals you can enjoy the wijdse uitzicht, the black-and-white cattle, the beautiful Frisian thoroughbreds and the lovely villages. You can visit historic towns, amble along in the woods, go fishing, swimming or surfing - all this is within reach when boating in Friesland.

Download boating tours Friesland

On this page you can download diverse boating routes. Now you will be well prepared before you start your boating holiday in Friesland. This routes lead you to all beautiful spots and makes your boating trip unforgettable. 

ANWB Waterway Map App

Among the fans of an unique boating holiday the ANWB Waterway Map App has become a brand name. This app contains all waterway maps of the Netherlands and all information about the waterways, marinas, operating hours of bridges and locks from Almanac II.

With this waterway map app you will know your location in the wink of an eye. Besides that, you will know which bridges are on your path and you can even contact them with one touch on the button in this app. 

The benefits of the ANWB Waterway Map App are:

  • Location of marinas and all information about their facilities
  • Precise information about all waterways
  • Operating hours of bridges and locks available as well
  • All data is off-line, no internet access needed while using the app
  • Free use for the first seven days, then it will continue to work with a subscription (week, month or year).

This app is for Android as well IOS. Click for more information on the ANWB Waterway Map App

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