Explore Friesland

by motor sloop

Cruise a day in Friesland on a motor sloop

Experience Friesland with a motor sloop of Centerpoint Charters in Heeg

Do you feel like spending a pleasant day on the water? To enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape and chug peacefully across the Frisian lakes. Or do you prefer a little sight-seeing by boat through e.g. the centre of Sneek? And if you even take a well-filled picnic basket with you or if you plan a culinary stop at one of the numerous restaurants at the waterside - nothing could ruin that splendid day anymore!

Why choose Centerpoint
  • No boating license needed
  • Bad wheather? Cancel free of charge!
  • Payment at start-out
  • Tutorial and test run at start-out included
  • With wheel instead of tiller
  • Tankinhoud ruim voldoende voor 1 dag varen
  • Diesel & cleaning included, no extra costs

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland