Boating and Cycling Package

Would you like to go boating and cycling, but there is not enough space on your boat to take the bikes along? Then we might have the perfect solution for you: our "Boating & Cycling Package"!

You start in Terherne and follow our itinerary to NW-Overijssel. We will provide you with a map with all bike routes in Friesland and NW Overijssel and a specially adapted itinerary. Along the route there will be bicycles ready for you in three places, i.e. Heerenveen, Blokzijl and Zwartsluis. In the morning you can pick up your bicycles and follow either the bike tour provided by us or you compose your own tour. After a nice and sporty day you return the bicycles and travel on by boat to the next destination.

The cost of this for 2 people is EUR 70.-, additional persons are EUR 25.- each.

Besides aquatic sports areas, Friesland and NW-Overijssel are also provinces perfectly suited for cycling. A boating holiday with a bicycle arrangement - that really is a marvellous experience!  After a week's trip you will return enriched by 25 boating hours, 127 two-wheel kilometres and many happy memories of picturesque villages and gorgeous nature!!

Are you interested in this package deal? Although we especially promote it with Traveller 27, Traveller 34 and Symphony, it is also possible to book it with all other types of boats. Just contact us.

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland