Rent a motorboat

with a sunny terrace at the back

Motorboats with open rear deck

The terrace with settle in the rear of a Harmony, Traveller 27, Traveller 34 and Princess lends itself to fishing, sunbathing, reading, playing cards ... or whatever you feel like doing. On a Harmony, the rear deck can be covered by a rolling canopy, whereas on the Traveller or Princess type, a sliding patio door separates saloon and deck. Inside, the large panoramic windows offer an excellent view on the passing landscape. And what is perhaps even more significant: These boats ride the water particularly well, they are perfectly stable and easy to steer.

  • Harmony Price per week: € 580.00 - € 945.00

    • Ideal for beginners
    • Roomy interior
    • Low fuel consumption
    • Open rear deck can be closed with canopy (in case of moist weather)

  • Traveller 27 Price per week: € 660.00 - € 1010.00

    • Open rear deck ideal for fishermen
    • Low airdraught (2.30 m)
    • Also suitable for cruises in spring and autumn due to closed helmstand

  • Princess Price per week: € 720.00 - € 1185.00

    • Elegant motor yacht for sporty watersporter
    • Large open rear deck with benches
    • Low fuel consumption

  • Traveller 34 Price per week: € 890.00 - € 1395.00

    • Enormous space inside
    • Broad sidedecks enable safe movement on deck
    • Low airdraught (2.40 m)

Why Centerpoint
  • No boating license needed
  • Personal advice if desired
  • Support for less experienced watersporters
  • Tutorial and test run before start-out included
  • Diesel billed per litre, not per engine hour
  • Cooking gas included, no hidden costs

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland