Relax while boating

in Friesland

Boating and relaxing

A boating holiday is anything but boring, there is an enormous amount of activities to explore in the Frisian province.

Rent a canoe, cycle along the beautiful meadows or go fishing in the most beautiful areas. The children can take a refreshing dive, run with the dog, visit e.g. the "Kameleon Village" in Terherne, built rafts or go mud-flat walking.

Travel from town to town, experience something new every day and look for a nice mooring spot at sunset where you can enjoy a quiet evening.

During a boating holiday there is absolutely no time for boredom - that's for sure!

Our tip: the VIP package

Holiday is meant to be relaxing, so why do things the hard way?

If you would like to be laid-back while preparing for your holiday afloat then order our the VIP-package as well! 

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland