For a fishing holiday

Friesland is the place to be

Boating and Fishing

The Frisian lakes are known for their large amounts of (predatory) fish. That is why Heeg is the ideal starting location for your fishing holiday in Friesland. And what would be nicer than to experience a fishing holiday afloat instead of from the shore?


At Centerpoint Charters you can rent motorboats which are perfectly suitable for fishermen. The Buccaneer 30 and Buccaneer 37 e.g. are ideal for a fishing holiday in Friesland. These boats have a low total height, they can pass under many bridges where other skippers simply cannot come.

There are countless beautiful spots in Friesland where you surely will catch something (e.g. perch and various other (predatory) fish). A superb place to fish is Sneekermeer, just from the shore. Also Heegermeer, Luts near Balk or Kolk and Tramhaven in Lemmer are recommendable. We will be glad to advise you about possible itineraries at check-in. At the reception desk, you can also buy a one-week fishing permit which allows you to fish in the entire province of Friesland during one week.

Do you already feel like a wonderful fishing holiday afloat? Check the possibilities quickly and...

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland