Discover Friesland and Overijssel

by boat and bike

Boating & cycling

Besides aquatic sports areas, Friesland and NW-Overijssel are also provinces perfectly suited for cycling. Boating and cycling in a boating holiday - that really is a marvellous experience!

For our active guests, we provide the opportunity to rent one of our minibikes. On most of the boats, they can travel along on the front or rear deck. One lock per 2 minibikes is furnished as well, so they can be safely locked during your trip while you discover the surroundings by foot. The rental price of a minibike is EUR 30.-/week. 

At the bottom of the information page of each boat, you can check whether it is possible to have minibikes on board. On some boats there is even enough space to take along you own (larger) bikes. 

And if there is no space for bicycles?

Unfortunately there are some motorboats where there is no space for bicycles. On the Traveller 27, Traveller 34 and Symphony it isn't allowed to take along bicycles on board because of a lack of space and for security reasons. In most of the towns and touristic places there are bike rentals. If you would like to travel on one of the mentioned boats and you are interesed in renting a bike, please ask us about the list with recommended bike rentals. 

Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland