Boating in Friesland

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Boating in Friesland

Are you planning a boating trip just for the two of you, for the family or for a group of friends? One thing is certain: with a motorboat of Centerpoint Charters you will experience an unique boating holiday.

You start your holiday afloat in Heeg, a beautiful and historical town in the middle of Friesland with lively city centre. Starting here you can really turn in any direction. Going for the lakes for swimming, fishing, rowing, sunbathing or surfing. Or choose the "Elfsteden (eleven Frisian towns) Tour" full of culture and nature.

Travellers looking for quietness will cast for Princenhof near Eernewoude. In the past this was a peat cutting area, and what remained is a gorgeous nature resurve with rare plant and animal species. Or what about a visit to the woods of Gaasterland or the reedlands of Overijssel – shortly: an enormous diversity of landscapes to see.

Cruising with a motor yacht already is kind of an adventure, but have a look at what you might see as well: a brigde keeper with a wooden shoe (to collect bridge tolls), a harbour master who helps when mooring and a heron standing nearby hoping to get some fish. Having a barbecue on a uninhabited island, laze around with a nice book, moore in one of the small towns and go shopping, having a drink on one of the invitating terraces at the waterfront...

..come to Friesland and discover for yourself how the most multifaceted holiday looks like!

Marinas in Friesland with WIFI

You cannot live without your smartphone, tablet or laptop during your holiday and you would like to get on the web easliy and as low-cost as possible?

More and more places provide (free) WIFI in their marinas, like:

Akkrum, Delfstrahuizen, Heeg, Idskenhuizen, Koudum (Galamadammen), Langweer, Lemmer, Offingawier (Paviljoen and Kolmersland), Oostmahorn, Sneek, Terherne and Workum (It Soal).

ANWB digital waterway map

After having booked your boating holiday you would not like to go boating cross-country and miss all the unique spots of along the water. To avoid that you might want to try the Waterway Map App, developed by ANWB (available for iOS and Android).

When boarding one of Centerpoint motorboats you will find - by way of loan - waterway map 1 (Friesland) and 5 (Kop van Overijssel) at your disposal...but you might want to prepare a special route in advance. Friesland has a huge diversity of waterways and thanks to the ANWB Waterway Map App you will not have to miss a single one of them.

The ANWB Waterway Map App contains an extensive map of all the waterways of the Netherlands and all the information of Almanac part 2. And thanks to the GPS-function of your cell phone you will never have to doubt about your wherabouts when boating in Friesland. Click here for more information about the ANWB Waterway Map App

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  • Personal contact
  • No boating license needed
  • A suitable boat for every level
  • Several nice tour suggestions
  • Support for less experienced watersporters
  • Only 25 % initial payment

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