A boating holiday with children...

a tremendous experience!

Boating holiday with children

A holiday afloat together with your children is highly recommended. As they say in the Netherlands: when the children enjoy themselves the parents have fun, too.

There is a lot to do for children - building rafts, jump off the boat and enjoy swimming, fishing and much more. Once ashore, there are even more things to discover in Friesland!

In the Frisian province there are many places to visit with the children, if you are looking for a day off. E.g. Kameleonpark in Terherne, Aquazoo in Leeuwarden or the Frisian Naval Museum in Sneek are certainly worth visiting. Ask at the reception desk, we will be glad to advise you about nice day-trips!

Cruise safely with children

It's safety above all, especially if it concerns your children. We also have life-jackets for rent, in all sizes, to make sure that your child can walk safe on and around the boat.

Do you have small children? Then we would advise you to have a look at the Buccaneer 30 or Buccaneer 37. The children will enjoy - even when the weather is not perfect - from behind the large windows. The entire boat is on one level and there is enough space in the boat for your family. Have a wonderful boating holiday together with your children and let it be an unforgettable experience!


Experience freedom

and enjoy a boating holiday in Friesland