Open rear deck

The terrace with settle in the rear of a Harmony, Traveller 27, Traveller 34 and Princess lends itself to fishing, sunbathing, reading, playing cards ... or whatever you feel like doing. On a Harmony, the rear deck can be covered by a rolling canopy, whereas on the Traveller or Princess type, a sliding patio door separates saloon and deck. Inside, the large panoramic windows offer an excellent view on the passing landscape. And what is perhaps even more significant: These boats ride the water particularly well, they are perfectly stable and easy to steer.
For 2 - 4 Persons / Price per week: € 535.00 - € 895.00 Starting day: Saturday This type with starting day Monday is available, too. She is the perfect sample of harmony... Details Availability
For 2 - 4 Persons / Price per week: € 595.00 - € 995.00 Starting day: Friday Just like the Harmony, the Traveller 27 is ideally suited for two grown-ups plus one or two children.... Details Availability
For 2 - 5 Persons / Price per week: € 670.00 - € 1115.00 Starting day: Saturday This type is available with starting day Monday, too. This boat does its name credit. With... Details Availability
For 2 - 6 Persons / Price per week: € 800.00 - € 1335.00 Starting day: Friday If you are looking for abundant space, the Traveller 34 will fill the bill perfectly. Due to its... Details Availability
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